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Who we are


        We are a small Christian spiritualist movement inspired by the franciscan ideal. We do not belong to any confessional religious Order and  we do not consider ourselves true followers of the "Poor man" of Assisi either. We are simply some admirers of his. To follow  Francis means to live the Gospel with the same intensity with which He lived it. We are not close to achieving that yet and considering our limits, we simply call ourselves "Small Franciscan Spiritualists": "spiritualists" because we are linked to the teachings of the Christ which were assembled from other-worldly recording in the spiritualist Center "Il Cenacolo" in Milan. Through this teaching we have found the truth of the Gospel, freed from the misunderstandings handed down through time and free from human interpretations.

The teachings is also available in English language in the book "Sparks from the Infinite".


        What unites our members is the common wish to search for the truth. We united in this task after asking the age old questions that have challenged humanity: How can we conceive of a father, a creator God who, instead of turning toward his creatures to save them, sadistically lets them live with pain, suffering and torture?

Why does a part of humanity enjoy peace, wealth and serenity while the other part must endure pain, poverty and starvation?

We have found the answers to such questions meditating on the other-worldly teachings from an angel of the Lord (Entele): he opened up our eyes to the limitless beyond, to eternity as the essence of all life. He has given us the knowledge of Christ, who is the manifestation of this essence.


        The substantial bread that we have received has been given to the whole humanity. If you too are searching for the Truth we invite you to read this website carefully. You could find some passage  about that spiritual food that you are looking for.

A comment of yours or a question on the treated themes will be always welcome.


        Peace and Good.




 Ideals of the Movement


The ideals and the aim that our members want to reach are: 


*        To live in compliance with the Gospel of Christ;

*        to  testify their own faith with a good example and speech;

*        to collaborate with all the believers to the realization of the universal mystical Church.


The "Small Franciscan Spiritualists" is an ecumenical movement, non denominational, apolitical and without any purpose of profit.  Inspiring itself to the Franciscan example of evangelical life, it is open to the dialogue without any discrimination of people, sex, culture and political or religious idea.

For further information on our activities see to page: RENDEZ-VOUS

For inquiries:


Il Cenacolo di Rovigo

e-mail:  cenacolo@piccolifrancescanispiritualisti.org




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