Sparks from the Infinite

                       by Il Cenacolo


      "Sparks from the Infinite", Il Cenacolo Publications - Milan - Italy

       is now also available in the USA, UK and other English speaking countries thanks to

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Is a book whose intrinsic value does not reveal itself at a first reading.


It is a collection of mediumistic transcripts, received for more than  thirty years by the Spiritualistic Centre “Il Cenacolo” of Milan. These teachings have been dictated by an Angel of God (an Entele); they therefore do not originate from a human source. The reader becomes aware of this little by little as he examines the text more closely, struck by the purity and profundity of the concepts illustrated.

            In the specific part concerning the Gospels, the figure of Christ emerges in its absolute divinity; the example and the word of the Only Begotten, freed from distortions of the traditions and from human interpretations, are the heart of the teaching offered to the whole humanity without discriminations: water, when pure, appeases every thirst.

This teaching involves the most different sides of human life. The book comprises passages on apparently scientific topics without validity of their own, which are instead helpful to understand the so called marginal aspects, expressing a unique and grand movement inside which we must understand and put into effect the meaning of “know  how to live”.

             The work is available in two inseparable volumes. Book dimensions 7'' x 10'', pages 1140, hardcover POD.




   All the contained matters in the book are listed at the page: Sparks from the Infinite   "Table of Contents"


   We would recommend you to consult also the  ultraphanic dictionary at page:   Glossary  



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