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 I have often spoken of Judas.  Have you examined the “sin” movement of this participant in the Christic movement?

What is his sin? Hypocrisy. This is the burning issue of your life, it is the shadow that is part of your very flesh, it is the negative manifestation of living in time, it is the dross profoundly rooted in you and that you do not attempt to eliminate, but leave crouching, ready to rise up, to seize, to strike, to destroy. The manifestations of hypocrisy are infinite: it is, I repeat, the root of Evil, from it springs all sin.

The evolutionary movement embraces all that is knowable down to the atom of matter, which you describe as “ugly”  and consider to be “inanimate”. Even the atom, dear souls, has undergone and unceasingly undergoes a process of metamorphosis, a process that eludes you because it is slow, a process that you can observe only through what you call “history”. The variation, the metamorphosis, the change of form and substance is nothing but atomic change.

If the first potential manifestation (primal energy) undergoes this process, why shouldn’t you undergo it, who find yourselves in the complex of the atomic manifestation, that is to say in condensation? The atom evolves by divine law. You also must evolve by divine law, true, but also by your intrinsic capacity; you cannot elude this work of perfecting, however you slow it down.

With the changes of form, do you perhaps think you should change your psyche? No, the psyche remains a purest flame, aware of the sin, volitive, brave, bearing the eternal triune imprint; it is matter, (the flesh) that in enveloping it compels the psyche to undergo an involutive palpitation.

The first manifestation of hypocrisy is “judgement”; that is to say that movement that is the sole prerogative of the Everlasting. No one in the infinite of the Heavens and in the finite must judge, no one can judge, because even the Pure Intelligences, the Angels of the Highest, are eluded by a certain quantity that can be judged solely by the Divine Father; He alone can identify Himself in the structure that He has bestowed upon you. You, however, judge unceasingly, and you are intransigent! You, to whom the light came, the supreme gift, you too are unable to withdraw from the grip of judgement and, when you have to pass judgement you condemns without appeal, that is you destroy the essence (manifestation of Love, manifestation of Divinity),  you destroy the bonds that link you to other individuals,  you destroy the individual, understood as a physical personality in time. Do you suffer because of this destruction? No! You have subsequent pangs of remorse, that are quick to die down as soon as selfish advantages, opportunism, rebellions, jealousies and anger come once again to trouble your selves. On whom will this manifestation rebound? On the very individual that caused it.

Another aspect of hypocrisy is “property”. You judge him that possesses it as a corrupt being, as a rapacious individual, and his money as the fruit of theft. But you forget that often that distribution of wealth represents a movement of the Law, that is to say a trial of the individual in time. You judge boldly, but you envy and desire those same riches, and reach out your hand to the person you have judged, just as Judas put his face near that of Christ.

Involutive manifestations multiply, for, since  they are potential, since they are energetic manifestations, they emanate from you and, assuming a wave formation, proceed in the finite and the Infinite, striking every human in the finite and the Law in the Infinite. The wave that reaches the human is gathered, seized, assimilated, and leads to a psychic upheaval, that is it predisposes the individual it strikes to the disease of hypocrisy. The wave, having passed through the atmosphere, rises to the sidereal planes, reaches your life ribbon, incides it, and will be a term of judgement, a term of valuation for the new incarnatory movement.

You were called to the work, to begin the work you must remember the words of Christ: “Mihi horror sanguis frigidus.”

So not coldness, but fire, ardour, and this fire and this ardour cannot be won, cannot be reached, saved by eliminating hypocrisy. When Giacomo dictated these verses, few read them or saw them, no one, I repeat no one dwelt on them, no one sought to draw all the significance and all the teaching they emanated and emanate, evaluating those verses as pointless and worthless.

The  concept of “hypocrisy” has meanwhile accompanied your evolution and you still continue to drag along with you this sin, which you declare is inherent in man, while I am of the opposite opinion and say that man appropriates it.

Why do I insist on this subject, which at a first analysis seems highly puerile and insignificant? You must not forget that the sowing towards which I impel you must be spoken, true, but firstly and above all it must be lived, exemplified; this is the burning point. In fact the sowing does not achieve the end wholly, it does not reach it wholly, only because this subject is neglected, though each uses it for his own sake individually.

Jesus said: “He that says ‘raca’1)  to his brother will known the fire of Jehenna”; this term “fire” signifies our living fire, not your physical fire in time; it is the fire of the soul, it is the fire of the First Power. The relation between the fire of the soul and your fire or the fire of your solar warmth, is highly fearful, endless; now, to cancel this simple word spoken to one’s brother, the divine fire, the fire of redemption, is necessary! That word “raca” thus represents a period of a given length, of a given term, of a given degree of suffering, but note well that you have said “raca” only to your fellow man, to a human brother, not to your blood-brother, not to a relative. Yet men not only say “raca” but do much worse: they engage in a provocatory silence, a silence that offends those that experience it, a hypocritical silence contrary to the dictates of brotherhood, and in that silence, in that hatred, they think on a series of dreams, of ever-increasing negativity, of ever-increasing satanicity.

Hypocrisy, when you look at the word written, seems less than a grain of sand, but it is fearful in its potential significance, for it contains within itself everything that is satanic in time, that is to say envy, jealousy, anger, hatred. Everything that is satanic in time is comprised in the expression “hypocrisy”; he that possesses the wicked, negative quality of hypocrisy disguises himself, because he knows that his is a negative gift that would drive away any human being. The possessor of hypocrisy disguises this negative quality with a beguiling, deceitful smile, forgetful that his forerunner was Judas with his traitor’s kiss.

If you have an enemy, however strongly armed but fair and frank, who proffers himself, who presents himself to you for combat, you have every possibility to resist weapon with weapon, defence to his attack; but when the enemy disguises himself in an attitude and appearance of submission, of humility, of simplicity, of brotherhood, and then as soon as he has got close enough unleashes all his wickedness against you, you are caught unprepared. This is treason in action, it is Jesus that, through Judas’s treachery, is raised once more on the Cross.

Hypocrisy is the weed to be extirpated; Christ/God descended to preach the Truth: “I  am the Way, the Truth and the Life”, and deliberately showed you the nature of hypocrisy: treachery!

You must not betray the Father even in thought, for the work that has been entrusted to you is work that does not allow of opacity; it requires absolute transparency in thought and action, in fact it requires that action - exemplification - should precede thought. Then why should you not consider, with greater conscientiousness and all the strength of reason, the negative value of what has become a social guise for you, not willed by the Everlasting but embraced by you as a convenient way of disguising yourselves according to human, vital requirements? It is convenient but satanic; it is Judas in being, it is Judas still travelling along the paths of time.

“He that loves Me and is willing to follow Me must leave everything and everyone,” said Jesus. This way of generalizing has a relative yet valid significance, so that he that hears a relative of his attacked, instead of acting as his defender, should analyze the work of his relative himself and transform it into the first ground to be redeemed, to be ploughed, to be sowed. This is  only one of the many starting points for the analysis of the subject proposed, which no one has considered valid and which it is indispensable that it should be so. You, each under his own roof, must extirpate the weed in the most appropriate way. You must not help him that is in possession of it or a pray to it; you must erect yourselves between the Everlasting and the guilty person, you must then present to the Everlasting the guilty cleansed of sin. But it is indispensable to begin, it is indispensable to accomplish finally this work of reclamation, and do so rapidly, for the task is urgent.

“And the number?” you will ask. Jesus was alone, He was the Godhead and you are His brothers, you are children of the same Father. It is not the number that counts, it is faith; faith means pureness and this pureness is created first of all in your own conscience, in your own Spirit, under your own roof.






You still represent an evolving mass, but are compelled to breathe an infected air that will delay your evolution itself for a  certain time. I mean by this that you are  obliged to breathe the air that you yourselves, you humans, have polluted. What is the cause, the origin of hypocrisy, of this morbid illness, of this fetid air? Have you ever thought about its origin? Have you analyzed this origin, its primal cause?

Think of Iscariot: he was at the side of the Godhead he was at the side of Christ, he was His disciple, he followed Him in His teachings; consequently he possessed a certain power and a certain ability. Yet money attracted him, he sold the life of the Saviour; he recognized his error and remorse in its greatest form entered into operation and caused his suicide: a second error in addition to the first!

This is the second occurrence on which you should dwell for the analysis that I have asked you to perform, but the first fact, the decisive one, was that of the fall. Lucifer, the chief of those that you call Cherubim, Angels, and which we term Perfect Intelligences, thought he could work independently of the will of the Father; he formulated this thought, while he followed the directions of the Father so as to be able to appropriate  His prerogatives, so as to perfect himself. The Father saw and allowed his thought to be created; then this thought gave rise to the brothers to separate themselves from the masses; hence the act of sin and the fall. You are likewise fallen, an infinitesimal part of those that fell; in one form or in another form, in one quantity or another quantity,  you have all given your support to that sin, that is to hypocrisy, which is the illness of the world. Naturally this sin,  like all the others, also has a scale of gravity, it has its aggravating and extenuating factors, so that distinctions have to then follow. You must not start to evaluate your sins by saying,  “I am more or less guilty “; the sin exists for you and it is hypocrisy; it will be the Law that qualifies it.

The loathsome, slimy worm of hypocrisy still crawls among you to corrupt you, to bring amongst you not only its stench but also its satanic origin; from this arises the need to leave yourselves time enough to reflect further on the facts so as to draw your evaluations and conclusions and attain that transparency that is indispensable for recovery.

What is hypocrisy? This is the first question that needs to be asked, if you are to enter into the living concept of the gravity of this sin. Think, force your minds, seek to answer this question: what is hypocrisy? It is murder. If you do not want to understand this expression in its material value, as the killing of an individual, it is still a substantive, spiritual murder, for it is the destruction of a symbolic, spiritual figure. Hypocrisy, I repeat, is the emblem of treason.

Every man that has taken part in the fall, has betrayed the Father and bears deep down within him the negative imprint, even though, as I have said, there is a scale of gravity among the fallen. With this admission you are entering into the concept of conspiracy and can admit that the conspiracy is being made not by one or the other, but against oneself, as well as against others. Observe, if you wish, man in his sublime mission as a sower of the Lord, and you will find him afflicted with hypocrisy; now observe man in his mission as a hardworking, active citizen, materially honest, not morally honest, you will find his soul polluted by hypocrisy; finally look at man in his mission as father, husband, you will find him affected by the same disease. For one reason or other, no one is immune from it!

There remains, it is true, that scale of gravity that I mentioned before: the time that has elapsed since the fall until today has served its purpose, the clarifications given and the lessons imparted have been useful. But among you humans there still remains the slimy worm that seeks to corrupt you, that seeks to deform the truth, that does not want to act as a false prophet but from your simplicity, from your faith, from your humility seeks to gain its own advantage. Because of him, families and workplaces are driven by ambition; but all these upheavals escape observation, for they are stealthy, they are hidden, they are masked. Hypocritical silence is destructive. Remember always that the violent man will be punished, but the hypocritical man will have a punishment seventy times seven greater. Treachery is never the weapon of the robber, because he acts openly; but the hypocrite does not act openly, he smirks and deceives the person he is speaking to, and then strikes him down spiritually without warning.

He that acts as the head of a family, husband and father, he that is his child, he that works to earn his daily bread, he that works for the sowing of the Everlasting - all still employ this remainder of the primal sin. Be careful, for if you have this impulse, if your reaction is prompt and violent, but subsequently and immediately condemned by the conscience, matters, I say, will be settled good-naturedly; but if instead hypocritical silence, treacherous silence is manifested, then matters will be aggravated. Around you some are about to give in, some are about to allow themselves to be transported by these equivocal and mortal silences; it is no longer a sin in itself, it is  a consequence of the primal sin, pride; to satisfy pride you turn to the subterfuge of hypocrisy.

The field of enquiry becomes vast, if you really desire to seek to analyze yourselves to free yourselves from this slavery and incinerate it completely. He that teaches must be an example; to be an example it is necessary to be spiritually clean; to be clean it is necessary not to be proud; not being proud, one is immune from that opprobrious contagion that is hypocrisy.

Reread the ode by Leopardi that I referred to at the start of my teaching and appraise it; you will find the reference to hypocrisy also familial, lethal to family affections, just as social hypocrisy is deleterious to society, the latter not being understood as a simple group of individuals but as the whole of society. Hypocrisy is perpetually in contact with the conscience; this is  what appraises it, this is what can compel it and dominate it. So make the conscience vibrate, make justice, the divine justice that is the master of the conscience, succeed in convincing the individual in his entirety, in his human and social form, that it is preferable to face up to an enemy and ask him the reason for an offence received rather than approach him deceitfully and destroy him unexpectedly.

The divine light shone on your planet at the very moment of your fall, but the consciences remained and in part still remain, deliberately in obscurity. Jesus came to bring light; let this light, that is in you yourselves, for it is the light of life, find you poles apart from the concept of hypocrisy. Once again you must belittle yourselves, revise the movement of your conscience, so as to see that there are no shadows that make it waver; then its limpidity will be as bright as the sun, transparent as spring water, and the soul will flew out of the gaze and join you in brotherhood.

This is the goal to be reached, this is the goal that you will reach!






-          Would you dwell again on the relationship between hypocrisy and treachery?


First let us seek the origin of this evil weed. What is hypocrisy if not the need, the necessity felt by a human being to dominate another individual or group of individuals or even all mankind? The root lies in the very moment of the fall. You carried the satanic traces within you and you have not yet succeeded in destroying them!

I spoke to you of “comprehension and forbearingness”, and this is a maxim that is fitting for you in relation to him that possesses this evil plant, the hypocrite; but there is the Law, which does not wish to show comprehension and forbearingness to those who, following the fall, possess this failing (which should be understood and borne patiently). So it is a question of carrying out that  introspective examination of which I have spoken so often.

Comprehension and forbearingness between  individual and individual, but such comprehension and forbearingness has a limit for you humans, and for us too it has a limit beyond which we speak of justice. But in your case, beyond that limit you speak of a reaction, and reaction is always negative, it is a sequence of links forming a negative chain. It is necessary to look into one’s own pupils to discover the fire of faith that must devour the soul, that must burn in the soul.

Hypocrisy is the worm that gnaws at the foundations of every edifice, of every higher edifice; it is Satan that undermines the edifice and it is you that must bar  the way with reason. With this we return to the starting point: you possess a human trinity potentially similar to the divine one: thought, reason conscience. This is a motion in continual development to discover, to judge, to avoid, to absolve, never to condemn, for there must always be forgiveness. It will eventually be the Father that will say the last word and to signal “thumbs down”. From the first days I said to you: “You must feel yourselves chosen vessels, you must be transparent goblets, crystalline goblets.”: this you must feel yourselves, for the marc and the lees are not placed in a crystalline goblets, but in a earthen mug; and if you are crystalline goblets, you will bring with you the springwater of Christ and your every  gesture will be an example, every glance tortured, anguished, sorrowful and sorrowing will be a glance of admonition and succour.

Just now I emphasized “comprehension and forbearingness”; now I add another binomial : “emerge, not to submerge”, hence emerge to save. All your daily being must be directed towards this end, saving. Instead, as humans, you tend not just to attack, but you attack by disguising yourselves and under the same roof you find those who defend you, who justify you. At this point the Law must intervene, which eradicates the evil weed, eliminates the guilty one, and makes the environment more transparent.

Ensure that all your efforts work together to achieve spiritual pureness, transparency, and ensure you are in possession of only venial sins, which still have a certain gravity but before the Father’s mercy have only a limited value. But what is mixed with other matter, what smacks of ferocity like hypocrisy, must be banished, destroyed, burnt out. Do not try, through distorted reasonings o render difficult or even impossible a movement whose simplicity is crystal-clear to us.

Thought, reason, conscience have been conferred on you to evaluate, reason and judge every motion; think of the opposite situation, that is of yourselves as the victims of a hypocrite; analyze the sense of repugnance that you would harbour when faced with this attacker disguised in angelic form. Jesus said to the Twelve: “Exchange the sign of peace and brotherhood.” You do not need to exchange the sign, exchange the look of peace and brotherhood, a serene, transparent look, together with speech, words, that are persuasive, sincere, frank, brotherly, not a silence that creates a state of inversion of the Spirit. The Spirit needs expansion; he that represses this need for expansion has fallen into wrongdoing, into sin.

These are elementary considerations, but I can and could do others besides, you will do them for me; you will continue to make clear the relationship between hypocrisy and humanity, between reality and falsehood, between the slayer and the slain. Remember Judas: he caused Christ to be slain, but virtually he was the slayer, and he did justice on himself with his own hands, belatedly recognising the monstrosity of the sin committed. Reduce the terms even further: this act exists even among you humans, without the need for the Godhead’s intervention. Analyze your monstrosity; all remember that before you the being that firstly has the right to all your love, to all your respect, to all your veneration, is the Father; family and friends take second place: first is the Truth, then brotherhood!


-          May it not happen that comprehension and forbearingness can hide forms of hypocrisy?


“Comprehension and forbearingness” is to be understood as a positive maxim, not a negative one. I have said to you: “You must follow two maxims: insist and persist and comprehension and forbearingness,” and I clarified their forms.

“Comprehension and forbearingness” has a value of peace, of brotherhood, for it signifies making available to others one’s own goodwill, maintaining a state of environmental or individual harmony. He that finds himself spiritually capable of forbearing and comprehending, of forgiving, is within the Law, is in the peace of Christ.

He has within himself not the desire, but the need, the necessity of harmony, hence the renounces whatever may interest him or be useful to him, not out of cowardice but in order that peace, which is an incontrovertible reality, may reveal itself as such. You, through your question, are transforming my maxim into another one, which is negative, and this is an error, for you speak of renunciation, thinking of everyday life, of social relationships, of the palpitations of matter, and you forget that the renunciations, the true renunciations, are those that sublimate of the Spirit. You can tame matter, but the  Spirit knows the Infinite and eternity; for the Spirit renunciation is constriction and it is a higher manifestation of humility.

Saying that one cannot or does not want to read the meaning of the book of karma, the refusal to transform words, sentences, into concrete action, can have a twofold significance, that of the willingness and that of unpreparedness. The second of these two causes is less grave than the first, for the second can be progressively eliminated; the first is serious because it is the manifestation of hypocrisy; he that perceives the recondite significance but pretends not to perceive it and works in a negative manner incises profoundly.

Being able to read the book of Love, being able to read the karmic book, is an ability present in every mind, in every Spirit; this ability may be more or less limited or have unforeseen and unforeseeable developments; but in consequence of the spiritual ability to read and evaluate that book, it remains clear that whoever says hypocritically “ I cannot read, I cannot understand “, lies not just to his neighbour but first of all to himself, slowing his own evolution and creating a period of stasis, of delay, of halting.


-          So is hypocrisy towards oneself also to be considered grave?


Before avoiding being hypocrites towards your fellows or your family, take care not to be hypocrites towards yourselves, for the first form of hypocrisy is precisely towards yours own selves, and reflects the valuation of your sins, using a double standard to arrive  always and unequivocally at absolution.

First extirpate the plant that reflects yourselves, then the other plants that the first gave rise to; this is fundamental!


1) According to the lexical interpretation, “rakà” or “reqà” (in Aramaic) signifies  “empty”, hence “empty head” (ed.).



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