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 Once again, human pride rises up against the supreme will of the Father, and wishes to destroy a moral as well as holy law, that is, wishes to “legalize” the triple crime of abortion. Legal experts, clinicians and obstetricians have been asked to express their opinion, an attempt has been made to erect a framework on which to place and consolidate this ignominy, but it is bound to fail miserably.  However, I feel that the time has now come to talk even among ourselves of this horrid crime as humanity has always underestimated it, has never given it that value which you will be able to recognize and notice after listening to my words.

First of all, a premise which appears to have nothing to do with the subject of this talk. Our Father, the Lord of Heaven, told woman: “You shall bring forth your children in pain”. This was the seal of an imprint which would and should not change during the whole of mankind’s life! The Law established that woman should suffer for that mission which overflows beneficially onto all humanity, as it permits reincarnation - the mission of motherhood, the noblest mission of all. And now, when this life is declining(1), comes the threat to destroy this Seal: “You shall bring forth your children in pain”.

At this point let us stop to analyze first of all the sphere in which it is intended to operate - the female genital organs, the ovary where the ova ready for fecundation mature. These ova, varying in number, become detached for two or at most three days every lunar month. They pass from the ovary to a second area, known as the Fallopian tube, connecting the ovary to the uterus. The ovum ready for fecundation passes from the tube to the uterus and here, if coitus takes place at the exact moment of its passage, the sperm transports the fertilizing part towards the uterus. It is a cluster of beings in full vigour, in full force, running to find its prey, its own ovum. Many of these spermatozoa are present but only one of them, the first to reach the ovum, wins the battle, predominates over the ovum itself, and fertilizes it. ONE - ; however, the ova may happen to be two in number and in this case both will be fertilized, leading to the birth of twins, triplets, quadruplets and so forth. But these are exceptional cases, only structural abnormalities lead to these consequences that are always, however, linked to a karma. This function is one established by the Law and there is no escape.

And here is the first point: the spermatozoon grasps and covers the ovum. These naive abortionists say that “as soon as the state of pregnancy becomes apparent, as soon as we become aware of the beginning of fecundation, we can intervene to expel the ovum, although limiting the cases (an obvious hypocrisy). It is necessary to discover the moment when life begins, and there should be premonitory signs”. Here we have obvious proof of cerebral insufficiency as we need only remember the first words of the Gospel according to St. John which begins: “In the beginning was the Word, all that has been done has been done for the Word and nothing would have been done without the Word”. This is the concept in brief: as creation is a vital motion and the raw material used by the Father is energy, everything created is living, is vital; there is nothing dead, nothing static; all is motion. Thus the ovum represents a vital potential quantity, and the spermatozoon is alive and vital, awaiting to merge its energy with that of the ovum to give rise to the living being - man or woman. This also holds true for all species of animals. So how can we seek the moment in which this union between ovum and spermatozoon becomes vital, when its two components are themselves alive and vital and possess absolute power? It is absurd! For the learned this is the expression of the most bare-faced bad faith!

The milieu has been sufficiently described, now let us turn to the fact of abortion in relation to the law.

For the human law it is nothing more or less than infanticide. If however, there is the extenuating circumstance of reason of honour or physical health, physical needs, both represent a loop-hole; that is, only the physician’s intervention, only the foetus which should have reached completion and is, instead, expelled, are considered. However, two other factors exist - the first is the problem of reincarnation which is a problem of the Father. The resurrection of the Spirit of the precipitated mass is a relationship existing between the Father and the mass itself; conception has been the wish of the Father. Coitus between two beings may be repeated without fruition for a very long period when suddenly, at a given moment - neither before, nor after - the will of the Father comes into effect, with the new precipitation and with the beginning of the new redeeming path of life. Thus, if the plans of the Father lead to a certain birth, removal of the possibility of its occurrence is an act against the Divine Will. The first sin, therefore, the most important of the three, is the sin against the Father, God.

Then we have the sin against society, against humanity, as the aim of the Father’s plan was the insertion of a new being in the mass, so that the latter itself could benefit from the energy and work of the quantity inserted which, in turn, through its own evolution, would have been able to assess and absorb the energy of the mass. This exchange is established by the Law so that denying this contribution to the mass is a sin against the mass, a crime against it.

Finally, the point which humanity considers most important: - the being which is denied the possibility of remaining in its state of progress, of evolution, must return to the start of its reinsertion or reincarnation cycle.

Beyond this negative trinity there is the thought which the legislator and pathologist must turn towards the Spirit, to the soul which at the very moment of coitus falls swiftly and awaits before the woman’s vagina. From this moment onward this soul’s task is to spend, to bedew its own energies on the union between the spermatozoon and the ovum; an uncomfortable position and place, certainly not suitable for a soul accustomed to the Infinite, but to which it is compelled in suffering and humiliation. Obviously, to arrive at this consideration both the legislator and the pathologist must become used to the concept of reincarnation, a concept which, as stated time back, is proven by the Gospels themselves. However, there are also other questions which should deter the mind of the legislator and the pathologist from an action I consider vile and immoral. There is obedience to the Creator of the Infinite; the Father who holds everything and every living being in his hands is worthy of our obedience, respect, devotion and dedication. Humanity, which is already afflicted, already anguished by social disorders, by social passions, must be considered and remembered and cannot be denied the assistance of an energy whose power you humans are unaware of. Finally, there is the horror of extinguishing a life which existed even before it became a human life.

All this represents such a negative complex as to induce legislators and pathologists to follow a different route. They say: “the physical conditions of the woman may be such that they do not permit continuation of pregnancy”. One moment, one single moment of concentration; it has been pointed out that “knowing the moment when the ovum begins to live, when physical and real life commences, it can be expelled beforehand and the woman’s life saved”.

First of all, we have seen that the ovum and spermatozoon exist prior to the human life, that is the life born from their union, exists prior to the transformation and metamorphosis, as the latter obviously involves both of them. In the second case I say that if the mother was in such a condition that she required aborting after the union is two weeks old, she has been wrong to desire offspring, that is, she should have  renounced coitus because it would endanger her life. If instead, a question of honour is involved, the woman prostitutes herself, so that it is a vice which reigns, a lust that wishes to dominate. The cause of honour is as false and apparent as can be – two beings in the grip of passion, not love, give themselves and possess each other. That is to say, they have previously tried all the temptations of the flesh before yielding, have yielded in full conscience and now want to save their reputations, their purity, by tacitly accusing someone because otherwise the reasons of honour would be unjustified. If the couple copulate without heed of the consequences it is obvious that they have not made use of the trinity – thought, reason, conscience – assigned them by the Father. Thus, the fault is their’s and their’s alone and destruction of a being cannot be admitted as justification of one’s own fault.

In both cases I DENY man’s right to interfere.

There is likewise the woman who cannot support pregnancy, a fact proven in perfectly reality, in perfect truth. But she must be left to suffer. It is already an error to use anaesthetics in childbirth, as it removes from woman what the Lord has assigned her – a mark , an indelible imprint.  The sexes are not meant to be used ad libitum but should be used cum grano salis, at the most suitable time, and under suitable spiritual conditions. That is to say, not with the thought of lust, but with that of love, devotion, with the thought of carrying out a mission, not of seeking physical enjoyment. Once again I DENY the right of abortion, I deny the right to make it legal because the proposal of the opposite side is negative, without foundation and distorts the truth.

For the legislator and the pathologist I shall now turn to the Gospels, which establish reincarnation irrefutably, each of the four Gospels separately. Resurrection, sealed by the final, the Divine Resurrection (that of Christ) was promised and established when Jesus spoke on one of the many times at the Temple, saying: “If I should will this Temple to be destroyed I could build it up again in three days”.

The temple was destroyed and HE did rebuild it in three days, just as He rebuilt the temple of Lazarus and resurrected the dead who had human necessity to remain alive and vital.

These concepts are simple, not political, fraternal, but they point out a way and an unbreakable moral which I entrust to you for you to divulge, as is your custom, without stressing them, but allowing their reading to involve that sentiment of horror ant that pious prayer to the Father that the very concept and crime merit. Continue along your  road bringing light to all and attempting to destroy the ignoble project before it becomes practice. I shall always be ready to support and urge you so that the Father's Law is not put to naught and hindered for the second time.






-          If only one spermatozoon fertilizes a single egg, and twins originate from two fertilizations of two separate egg-cells, how are Siamese twins  born?


While twins originate in two separate fertilizations of two distinct egg-cells, Siamese twins come from a clash of energies, a threefold clash, since there is an egg-cell with two fertilizing spermatozoa, each of which does not wish to leave its prey. In the tube or the uterus two spermatozoa end up attached to the same egg-cell, so that when the time is ripe there will be a hybrid birth, constituted by the connection of the matter of the one inside the matter of the other.  Here too a karmic movement prevails, because the  interference of the one with the other involves  a burden, at times even a tragic weight, making an act of separation indispensable, though this may – as often enough happens – degenerate into a catastrophe for one or both the babes.


-          The excessively high birth-rate, the mistaken upbringing of children, and egoism all foster the concept of abortion. What concepts can we oppose to these?


You must divulgate a concept that is fundamental, basic: the Father’s will, expressed from the beginning, at the dawn of human life, was valid then, is valid now, and shall be valid until the extinction and metamorphosis of mankind. These are irrevocable laws, laws of morality and of love, of obedience and of charity, of humility and of simplicity, laws that constitute the bulwark of the various kinds of human society, the support of the various kinds of human society: they constitute the possibility of regaining that predominion of Spirit over matter that is the starting point of every chosen Spirit.

I shall clarify the concept.

You were born in power, to power you must return; you fell because of inversion of thought, you must  reinsert yourselves in the first vital movement.

It is for this reinsertion that the initial laws are valid today and will be valid until the cessation of mankind, that is until the Father’s judgement. Much can be argued, vainly, about the various theories, but all theories must converge harmoniously upon one fundamental concept: the existence of the Uncreated and the work, so easily appreciable that He accomplishes.

It is asked when the vital principle begins. You go to bed tonight, and before you there is a bare plant; tomorrow morning a bud flowers and adorns the bare plant.

A seedling; yesterday evening it was not, during the night the miracle occurred, not a phenomenon but a miracle: the bare plant has born a blossom, that is it has passed from a static to a dynamic state. The bud was constituted by a liquid, by the sap which contained within itself the vital principle. The woman’s egg-cell and the man’s spermatozoon couple, they do not create a life, no, they achieve a shaping, it is a metamorphosis.

The experiment is elementary and visible in the union of a base with an acid: the opposed signs cancel each other out, they lose their properties, that is they create a metamorphosis, and the same happens in the case of the ovum/spermatozoon partnership; save that on this partnership, unlike the other, there watches the gaze of the Lord, rests the gaze of the Lord.

It is by His will that this metamorphosis takes place, and this the Father’s will must be respected.

You must feel your human littleness before the immensity of the Everlasting’s thought and action.

These concepts must be lodged constantly in every one  of you and you must make them your own, because they constitute the truth and morality, because they constitute the salvation of an incalculable mass of  beings that are destroyed and separated temporarily but grievously from the Father’s will.

The world in its lecherousness believes that it has suppressed a life that is still useless, still in embryo: a failing before the Father, before humanity, before the being that must resume the interrupted cycle once more, that is to say the most painful part of one of the movements of reincarnation, that of descent for a new attachment. If you could conceive the pang of the soul, of the Spirit, at the moment when the babe is on the point of appearing in the light and the soul attaches itself to that which is meant to be its matter, its vehicle of transit, you would experience a moment of such pain, of such anguish, of such humiliation, that you would weep for a long, long time.


-          Contraceptives do not cause abortion. Why condemn them?


The topic is delicate but of interest. I think it is useful for all of you, for the whole human mass, to receive the teaching I am about to bring you.

I have spoken of the crime against the Father.

The crime exists not only in the case of abortion but the use of contraceptives is also a crime. If the Law has established a certain act of conception in a certain environment and this, merely out of lust, merely out of human passionality, is not fulfilled, is avoided right at the start, this is clearly rebellion against the concept and the will of the Everlasting.

Abortion in its every manifestation is a crime: no clinical motive or motive of honour is valid to prevent the designs of the Law; whoever suppresses this movement of evolution commits infanticide without any extenuation. But infanticide, in reflected form, is also in act whenever coition is misused, that is when devices are used to prevent fertilization.  In this last case, there is, however, one extenuating factor in the crime, the crime of having desired to cheat the Law but of not knowing whether the Law would or would not have chosen that  ovum for a given act of fertilization.

When the fertilization has begun, when the proof of the divine will is achieved, there is a threefold murder: it is the horror in the crime with the aggravating circumstances, in all three crimes, of repeatedly being premeditated, since, if broadness of human views permits the provocation (reasons of honour and a hundred other absurd justifications), the Law of the Lord is Law of justice; it is Law of Love but it is law of justice that utterly prohibits that humans may, can or will use violence against a life bestowed by the Lord’s will. The crime is threefold and it precedes the destruction of the child by the murder of the will of the Everlasting, destruction.

It is the repetition of the same rebellion as led to infanticide in time, the first rebellion, pride. All logic-chopping about this concept that I have expounded is vain; I have enunciated an axiom and the axiom is incontrovertible.

Now compare what I define as an exposition of facts,  not a teaching, compare this with the request I have made to you and to all mankind repeatedly, to substantialize yourselves, to dehumanize yourselves, to spiritualize yourselves, that is to give up the vital concept of the closed environment, linear environment, of the solid, physical environment, to live a life derived from and living by the spiritual environment, the substantiality of things.

Why are contraceptives used? To provide an outlet for a sense of passionality which destroys the concept of a mission, nobility of action or ennobled action, in any case a higher action, the mission of parents. This is why you have come in your time to the clash between children and parents, since the child is conceived outside love, is conceived in passionality, by passionality, with passionality. If the child were conceived in perfect love, in perfect conscience, if before conception the human trinity had been placed in expansion, there would have been a current of such love and harmony between parents and children that it would never have allowed the youth of today to rebel and  create a world apart, shameful for both children themselves and their parents.

It is on the concept of a mission that one must draw, it is the spiritualization of life that must be achieved.

Work: work tires, it exhausts, but it is a stimulus if and to the degree that it is accepted in a dehumanized form, by spiritualizing it, dedicating it to something that goes beyond the normal.  A simple workman may perform his labour, ennobling it to the point where he derives a reward for it from the Father, for the workman may work dedicating his labours, his sacrifices, his efforts to his children in the Name of the Father, thus forming a trinity.

You have, in yourselves, this same possibility and you must be persuaded of this, convinced that you possess every faculty, every energy, every power, to reach these objectives in time, certain of being able to use them, transformed by power at the right time, in the world beyond. The function of transformation, of recovery, of spiritual re-education, is entrusted to the whole human mass, but it must be received religiously, always recalling that children are not your property, they do not belong to you, they are of the Father who has entrusted them to you in guardianship for their preservation and their education.

If you do not fill this bond or avoid feeling it, so as to be less tied down, freer, the act you perform is called self-will and the consequences are all upon your own heads.


-          How are we to act in the case of miscarriage?


I say: the Law of the Everlasting must be fulfilled.

Any operation tending to save a life in consequence of parturition is a mistaken operation, whenever it takes place before the term.

The doctor says: “This mother cannot endure pregnancy, in the third month of gestation we shall proceed to the act of abortion.” A crime!

He that commits this crime is the doctor, often attracted by lucre; she that accepts it is the mother, often selfishly interested in the deed. But if, instead, the child, in its physical formation, has come to its full term, as you express it, and an operation becomes necessary in one sense or another, should the life of the mother or that of the child to be born be saved? In such a case, the mother is to be saved. The Law understands the doctor’s doubts, it does not condemn, it immediately brings back into time the evolving soul, taking into account its suffering; the mother will accomplish her mission as established.


-          What happens when a mother, out of shame, out of fear of human judgement, suppresses the being during the process of gestation?


This is the greatest shadow that a woman can cast between herself and the Infinite, the life that comes unwanted but which says: “Do you see the root that is love, O woman?” This reveals that every woman and mother must feel herself to be a vessel for that which she receives. Let the woman remember that the seal of maternity set in her is pain; she has accepted this pain from which the flower of life will emerge.

Woe betide those that,  though acting beyond human law, destroy the life that comes like a seed and like a flower blossoms.  But woe betide those men that cast the stone: it is wrong to cast the stone, God forbids it. Every woman, even if to your human eye she is at the bottom of the social scale, is sacred when she has the seal of life within herself. It is necessary to renew the human law and the Everlasting prepares you for this. I say to every single human that bears a woman’s guise: learn to look within yourself, learn to see yourself with those eyes that reveal the elevated duty of the vestal of a hearth, even when this hearth is not constituted by human law. Woman is placed to complete man: one single, one sole individuality, divided in appearance but not in substance. This is the union between Adam and Eve, so must it be understood.


-          To our way of thinking, the responsibility of a soul that suppresses should be only relative, because the social laws are sometimes cruel … (2)


You must not suppress! Let the fruit remain even when it does not bear the seal of human law and let the woman, with head held high, place herself before God and men with that which she is nurturing within herself.

“Overcome, overcome,” man must cry, and as he does so he will gain in energy. For those cases about which it is continually repeated, “It is destiny, nothing else can be done,” I ask: why could nothing else be done, and what are brothers doing when they are unmindful of their brothers? Not for nothing are you all bound to the nucleus of humans to sustain one another. When predestination strikes down your brother, hasten to his help.



(1)  Life of humanity in time

(2)  The question was not completed because it was interrupted by the Entele himself (ed.).



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