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Off-print from - Sparks from the Infinite - "Il Cenacolo" Publications · Milan Italy 

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To the glory of the Lord and for the redemption of Men!

The blood of the Saviour, flowing from Golgotha, has furrowed the earth with love; whereas men continue to deepen the furrow of hatred, watering it with the blood of their fellows. We must return to the time of the Crucifixion and the Apostles, to the time when Jesus uttered the most luminous Truth of all: “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life”. These writings were set down for the sake of the soul, in which immortality resides, and souls have neither sex, nor caste, nor race: they came from the All Highest and to the All Highest they must return.

These Truths that emanate from the Infinite must be read after shedding all preconceptions, every desire to dominate, every impulse of pride.

It must be borne in mind that the law of cause and effect is fundamental and invincible, so that he who sows love will reap love.

 These pages that were dictated by the Divine Love speak only of Love and exhort all, from the greatest to the least, to seek to understand one another, to justify one another, to tolerate one another, to love one another.

May these teachings spread so that when Jesus returns in his fiery chariot to pass judgement, He may find Satan destroyed and men redeemed.

Peace be upon earth to men of good will.



 Where do I derive the knowledge that I bring you? From the Primal Source, from the Truth, the fixed point of origin of the Primal Source is Power, Wisdom, Love. And here I affix in all humility the mark testifying to the origin of a wisdom that is not Mine but conferred upon Me and passed on by Me.

 Man affixes his name to his work and believes that this is the fruit of his intrinsic power. We derive Our wisdom from the Truth and place this symbol upon it in the Name of the Truth. (2)



Entele:  Purified entity. Soul that has redeemed the primal sin and has returned to

    Purest Energy.


2  The utterances of the Guiding Entele have been marked with the symbol  







Sparks from the Infinite

 «Il Cenacolo» Publications – Milan · Italy


“Sparks from the Infinite” is a work whose intrinsic value does not reveal itself at the first reading.


It is a collection of mediumistic transcripts, received for more than thirty years by the Spiritualistic Centre “Il Cenacolo” of Milan. These teachings have been dictated by an Angel of God (an Entele). They therefore do not originate from a human source. The reader realizes this little by little as he examines the reading more closely, struck by the purity and  profundity of the concepts put forth.

            In the part which concerns more specifically the Gospels, the figure  of Christ emerges in its absolute divinity; the example and the word of the Only Begotten, freed from the distortions of the traditions and from human interpretations, are the heart of the teaching that is offered to the whole of humanity without any discrimination: water, when pure, appeases every thirst.

This teaching involves the most different sides of human life; that is why, in the book, appear some pages of apparently scientific topic which have not a  validity of their own, but also help the understanding of the so called marginal aspects, and are the expression of a unique and grand movement, inside which we must get to understand and put into effect the meaning of “know  how to live”.


The work is available in two inseparable volumes. Book dimensions 7'' x 10'', pages 1140, hardcover POD.




   All the contained matters in the book are listed at the page: Sparks from the Infinite   "Table of Contents"


   We would recommend you to consult also the  ultraphanic dictionary at page:   Glossary  


   "Sparks from the Infinite" Il Cenacolo Publications - Milan Italy

        is now also available in the USA, UK and other English speaking countries thanks to

        Fultus Publishing. For further information, visit:  www.fultus.com                                        





Origins and development of our movement


The entelic contacts beginning in 1943; over thirty years later, in 1974 a group of men and women of good will, driven by the Christ teachings received at the Spiritualistic Centre “Il Cenacolo” of Milan, constituted a movement (Mystic Church), the aim of which is evangelization.


This movement is at present working in many Italian regions.


Meetings of reading and meditation are held weekly in each Centre.


           Our motto is “open doors”: everybody can freely  attend. Taking part in the meetings does not entail any entry charge or engagement.



For inquiries :


Il Cenacolo


e-mail:  info@piccolifrancescanispiritualisti.org

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